The Writing Project


I am currently working on a novel, and I will be sharing a portion of it on this website.

What I’ve shared so far.:

1. Prologue: (The ReWrite)

2. Foul Reunions: (The ReWrite)

3. The Discovery: (The ReWrite)

4. Escape: (The ReWrite)

5. Awakening: (The ReWrite)

6. Death Touched: (The ReWrite)

7. Lost and Found (The ReWrite)

8. Drive Down Memory Lane (The ReWrite)

9. Home Sweet Home (The ReWrite)

10. The Long Walk (The ReWrite)

11. Piercing the Veil

12. Piercing the Veil Pt2

13. Piercing the Veil Pt3

14. Piercing the Veil Pt4

15. Piercing the Veil Pt5