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I Hope You Die in a Freak Accident

Wishing for someone to die,And wanting to harm someone,Are twoCompletelyDifferent things. For instance,I’m not sayingI want to cut your break lines.I’m sayingThat I want your breaks to quit working.I want your car to run off a bridge,And you to end … Continue reading

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The Confessional – May He Die As He Lived

When my father dies, I won’t go to his funeral. I believe he should die as he had lived; Alone.

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Speaking with Forest Fires

I bear the guilt of my fear. For not making sense to you. I had hoped You spoke In the language of smoke signals and body armor. Believing Setting myself on fire would be a brightly raised banner, Written on … Continue reading

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Over the last five months I’ve been struggling desperately with my depression and the effects of this damn PTSD. For a while it reached the point where thoughts of self-harm became pervasive to my internal dialogue. To speak honestly, there were more than a few … Continue reading

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