8fa8cab8d54edf96f2481a2b09c0aa3cI am husband, father, and reluctant world traveler.

Professionally I work in a field of tragedy, hope, and healing. I am a master at applying splints to fractured spirits, tourniquets to giving up, and bindings to shattering worlds. I am good at what I do mostly because I have walked in the shoes of those in my care. I have no place to judge – mine is only to listen to their stories, and let them open up.

Writing has been my own personal therapy for years. It sees me through those times when the depression won’t go away and the PTSD won’t shut the fuck up. It allows me to confront my demons and find the strength to stand up to myself.

I write both because I love to and because I need to. I hope that maybe as I struggle with my own personal mess someone somewhere might glean something from my experience; gain knowledge from my mistakes rather than having to make those same mistakes themselves. At the very least, I hope that maybe my writing will let those struggling with similiar demons know that they are not alone – you can overcome your monsters.


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