Random Act of Kindness from the Community


Yesterday I was struck by a random act of kindness. I’ve been the anonymous giver. I’m a family man on a tight budget, but I try to help where I can. Being on the receiving end was mind blowing; leaving me with an abundance of gratitude.

typewritingdreamsAn author gifted me a high end writing/publishing program that I have been gazing dreamily over for quite some time. The kind of program I imagined would always be just out of reach due to responsibilities and life.

I have been writing in an Open Office document on my Windows Vista machine that I picked up, refurbished, for $33. I love using the machine; I just don’t have much love for Open Office’s formatting – but it was far better than the nothing I had before it. Writing is both a dream and passion, and I’d write on anything.

Having a comprehensive writing software is nothing short of a dream, and here, now, I have a program all my own. I wish I had the right words to express my gratitude; I wish I could say thank you enough. I hope that this author understands the grandness of his gesture. Mostly, I wish I had more to offer than just me staring sparkly-eyed at such an incredible act of generosity like a drooling idiot.

Thank you friend. I appreciate your kindness more than you can know!

About St Basil Z Fish

Curator of the strange and incredibly awkward. A rambling writer with the misguided notion he has something to say. His only redeeming qualities are his wife and children.
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