An Open Letter to Authors: Mentors and Writing

Dear Authors,

Extraordinary men and women who have accomplished what I have only dreamed to do since I was in the fourth grade, I have a question. Do you have a mentor?

More than a fellow author you admire, but a mentor. Someone who has taken you under their wing to help you navigate the wonders of storytelling, writing, publication, advertising, etc. How did you meet them; reach out to them?

Writing is more than a passion, but I am naive when it comes to the business side of publication, and there is always more to learn in order to finely hone my craft. 

Where do I begin? How do I reach out? How do I find a mentor willing to guide me in this journey?



About St Basil Z Fish

Curator of the strange and incredibly awkward. A rambling writer with the misguided notion he has something to say. His only redeeming qualities are his wife and children.
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