The Year of Mercy and Forgivness


Dear Friends,

A new year is upon us. Hallowed and blessed is this opportunity for us to learn to love ourselves and daily kick the shit out of our demons. You are wonderful. Beautiful. Brave. Stay strong; know with certainty that you don’t have to fight alone.

Let us choose to be better to ourselves and to others. May this be the year of mercy and forgiveness; the year in which we are merciful and forgiving even to ourselves.

Blessed be.

P.S. This year, I resolve to learn to look myself in the mirror and proclaim myself:


About St Basil Z Fish

Curator of the strange and incredibly awkward. A rambling writer with the misguided notion he has something to say. His only redeeming qualities are his wife and children.
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2 Responses to The Year of Mercy and Forgivness

  1. Beautifully said! Happy New Year! Looking forward to next years posts! G-uno

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