“Red Sky Blues” by Matthew Davis – A Book Review

wpid-2015-10-14_20.27.08.jpgRed Sky Blues, written by Matthew Davis, is a fast paced tale set in the desert town of Hanford, California; a haven for dreadfully wicked and impossible beings living secretly among humankind. Thomas Grey, occult scholar and reclusive mage, is called upon to find and recover the Libro Nihil, an ancient book only whispered about in the lunatic ravings of madmen. If ramblings are to be believed, the Libro Nihil is capable of unravelling the very fabric of the cosmos…and much worse. In his search for the book, Thomas and his companions become entangled in a conspiracy to awaken an ancient evil from its slumber.

Red Sky Blues is the first in a new Urban Weird series. The storytelling is gripping and can be easily described as a page turner. It also comes stock with a few interior art pieces designed by comic artist Will Kirkby.

Despite being an urban weird/horror work of fiction, the greatest strength of this book is its believability. The author creates a vivid world that is relatable. It is a world that looks much like our own, yet hides deeper and more horrifying truths beneath the illusion of reality accepted by most.

Protagonist Thomas Grey is someone readers can understand; not an invincible spell-slinging superhero, but a real person struggling with the day to day. His gift is rare and heavy with rules and consequences, making him generally intentional and cautious about conforming reality to his will.

Thomas is joined by an incredible cast of misfits. Loyal, and well rounded, each companion challenges and pushes the protagonist to be better, and go beyond his limits.

The story is fast paced and readers will have a hard time setting the book down as they are continuously teased and drawn into finding out what happens next.

I cannot recommend this book enough, and I would encourage everyone to go out and get a copy of Red Sky Blues today!

Author’s Note: If you’d like to see another review of Red Sky Blues, check out what author S. E. Lehenbauer had to say!

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