Framing Fridays Submission

I have found that submitting my work for publication is an overwhelming experience filled with doubt, fear, and anxiety. It’s me carefully crafting work I believe in and releasing it into the wilds for others to judge. I am left for great lengths of time wondering if my art will be found worth publishing, or if it will find itself on the Island of Misfit Writings.

suspenseToday I sent off my submission for the upcoming Friday Phrases publication, Framing Fridays. It is my third time submitting work to anyone for publication. Just like the two prior submissions, I found it incredibly difficult to press that send button. Perhaps this time, it felt even more so.

As I have shared before, Friday Phrases is a weekly event on Twitter where writers share poetry, story prompts, haikus, and the like using the #FP hastag. For me this has become a highlight of my week. Not only do I get to share snippets of poetry (and engage in some personal soul seeking and therapy), but I have the opportunity to meet other talented writers and enjoy the amazing work they share. Truly I feel small in a land of giants.

When the announcement was made that the Friday Phrases team was to be releasing an e-book highlighting this phenomena of micropoetry and flash fiction, I knew that I wanted to participate. I took several months intentionally sifting through old #FP works I had shared and crafting #FP inspired poetry I hoped would be worth including in the upcoming publication. Putting together the submission package was nerve wracking because the event and its community has had a significant impact on both my writing, and on me as a person.

Whatever the outcome may be, I’m glad that I put myself out there. It isn’t an easy thing to do; my confidence is a front for a lot of insecurities. And whether or not any of my work is selected, I look forward to the release of Framing Fridays and the beauty it promises to contain.

About St Basil Z Fish

Curator of the strange and incredibly awkward. A rambling writer with the misguided notion he has something to say. His only redeeming qualities are his wife and children.
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5 Responses to Framing Fridays Submission

  1. Thanks for sharing. I hadn’t heard about Friday Phrases, but I’ll definitely check it out now.

    Good for you for being courageous, putting your work out there, and continuing to grow in this area.

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    • Z. says:

      Friday Phrases is a great event. You can check it out on Twitter. I added a link to the Friday Phrases blog if you are interested in checking them out. It is a great community.


  2. beatonm5 says:

    hats off to you, I have draft folder of unpublished stuff, pressing send has so much finality.


    PS I ♥ #FP

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